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    Salicylic acid 2918210000

    Salicylic acid
    Salicylic acid
    Salicylic acid
    Salicylic acid
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    Salicylic acid - 2-hydroxybenzoic or phenolic acid, C6H4 (OH) COOH; colorless crystals, well soluble in ethanol, diethyl ether and other polar organic solvents, poorly soluble in water (1.8 g / l at 20 В° C).

    Salicylic acid - active component of willow bark. Back in the 19th century. it was used to treat rheumatism and uric acid diathesis, and today this substance is synthesized in large quantities, since it serves as the basis for the production of many drugs.

    Salicylic acid has weak antiseptic, irritating and keratolytic (in high concentrations) properties and is used in medicine externally in ointments and solutions in the treatment of skin diseases; is part of Lassar paste, galmanin powder, preparations "corn fluid" and "corn plaster". In the pharmacy chain, it is sold in such dosage forms as an alcohol solution for external use (with a salicylic acid content of 1 or 2%) and ointment (2, 3, 5 and 10 percent).

    Salicylic acid derivatives also used in medicine (sodium salicylate), its amide (salicylamide) and acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) are used as antipyretic, antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents; phenyl salicylate - as an antiseptic, para-aminosalicylic acid (structurally similar to para-aminobenzoic acid, which is necessary for mycobacterium tuberculosis, and therefore metabolically competing with it) - as a specific anti-tuberculosis agent.

    Other applications:

    1. Due to its antiseptic effect, salicylic acid is used in food preservation;
    2. Production of azo dyes, fragrances (esters of salicylic acid);
    3. Colorimetric determination of Fe and Cu to separate thorium from other elements.
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