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    Creosote is a colorless (sometimes yellowish or yellowish-green), flammable, hardly soluble in water, oily liquid with a strong odor and a pungent taste, obtained from wood and coal tar. It is a mixture of phenols, mainly guaiacol and cresols.

    Application Wood creosote is used for tuberculosis and as an antiseptic. Coal creosote is used for preserving wood (impregnating sleepers, wooden supports, etc.) and protecting it from decay, in the production of artificial resins, and also as a flotation agent in the enrichment (flotation) of ores.

    The characteristic smell of railway sleepers (and also the smell in the subway) is associated with their impregnation with creosote. Sometimes such sleepers (usually used for industrial use, i.e. written off as unnecessary or due to the expiration of their service life, but in good condition) are used by individuals in the construction of not only temporary foundations and light buildings, such as sheds and garages, but also for the construction of residential buildings or summer cottages, thereby creating a serious danger to the health of those living in them people, especially children.

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    Useat tuberculosis and as an antiseptic

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