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    Ethyl ether
    Ethyl ether
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    Ethyl ether
    Ethyl ether
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    Ethyl ether

    • Synonyms: Ethyl ether, diethyl ether, ethoxyethane, sulfuric ether
    • Bp: 34.48 ° C
    • Freezing point: -116.30 ° C

    Ethyl ether is marketed in the form of preparations of various degrees of purity; therefore, the choice of reagent depends on the purpose for which it is intended. There are two grades of ester grade : one contains approximately 2% ethyl alcohol and 0.5% water, and the other, commonly referred to as "anhydrous" and sometimes "absolute", contains no more than 0.01% ethyl alcohol and water.

    The main impurities found in commercial ethyl ether are ethyl alcohol, water, aldehydes, peroxides and sometimes acetone. Was shown, that the ether of high purity, quite suitable for precise analytical work, can be obtained in the following way. Within an hour, the ether is periodically shaken with a 10% sodium bisulfite solution, the volume of which is 10 times less than the volume of the ether; then the aqueous phase is separated and the ether is washed with a saturated solution of sodium chloride containing 0.5% sodium hydroxide. The ether is then washed with a saturated solution of sodium chloride with a small content of sulfuric acid and two portions of this solution in pure form, and then fractionated in a nitrogen atmosphere.

    A practically dry and alcohol-free ether can be prepared by fractional distillation. The distillate usually contains some aldehydes.

    T of freezing:-116.30 °Ñ
    T of stacks:34.48 °Ñ

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