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    Glycerin farm . is the simplest representative of trihydric alcohols. Chemical formula HOCH2CH (OH) -CH2OH. Easily formed by hydrolysis of natural fats and oils (triglycerides). It is a colorless viscous liquid, infinitely soluble in water.

    Glycerin tastes sweet, which is why it got its name (glycos is sweet). Along with methanol, ethanol, methyl and ethyl esters of fatty acids, and terpenoids, glycerin is considered as a potentially acceptable fuel to replace petroleum fuels. Mixes up in any ratio with water, ethanol, methanol, acetone, does not dissolve in chloroform and ether, dissolves in their mixtures with ethanol.

    Glycerin is used for the production of explosives, alcoholic beverages ( as a food additive E422 ), nitroglycerin, glyphthal resins, as a softener for fabrics, leather, paper, a component of emulsifiers, antifreezes, lubricants, shoe creams, soaps and adhesives, perfumes and cosmetics, medicinal ointments, liqueurs, confectionery, for filling pressure gauges - damping water hammer, in cryobiology as a cryoprotectant.

    Glycerin (or glycerol) is a trihydric alcohol, a simple polyol compound. Glycerin is a viscous, colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting liquid commonly used in pharmaceutical formulations. Glycerin has three hydrophilic hydroxy groups, due to which it is soluble in water and hygroscopic. The glycerol backbone is the central part of all lipids known as triglycerides.

    Molecular formula: C3H8O3

    Molecular weight: 92.09.

    Glycerol uses:

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