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    Plasticizers are substances that are added to the composition of polymeric materials to impart plasticity during processing and further operation. CONTACTS

    The use of plasticizers allows to reduce the temperature of technological processing of compositions, improve the frost resistance of polymers, facilitate the dispersion of ingredients, and increase the fire, light and heat resistance of polymers.

    Dioctyl phthalate is one of the most common plasticizers. Possesses chemical properties characteristic of esters of complex.

    Plasticizer Dioctyl phthalate (DOP)

    Chemical name: dioctyl phthalic ester.

    Dioctyl phthalate is a strategic raw material for PVC processing enterprises, manufacturers of rubber goods and paintwork materials. DOP is actively used as a plasticizer of vinyl polymers and resins, rubbers, in the production of artificial leather, polymer building materials, packaging films, etc.

    Properties / application

    The use of DOP plasticizer allows to impart PVC elastic properties and obtain ready-made products with the property of glass transition at temperatures of -40 ° C and below.

    An important property of the plasticizer is the color index, measured on the platinum-cobalt scale, in Hazen units. This indicator affects the color of the final product. DOP of the highest grade (color less than 40 units) is used for the manufacture of transparent plastic compounds, for example, medical and food applications. DOP 1st grade (color from 40 to 100 units) can be used for products painted in light colors. DOP grade 2 (color 100-200 units) is intended for the production of black and dark products.

    A distinctive feature of dioctyl phthalate, which makes it possible in practice to distinguish it from other similar products, is that its density is measured when 20 ° C. The proper indicator for DOP ranges from 0.982 to 0.986 g / cm3.

    Another key indicator of the plasticizer should be noted - the liquid capacity, the ability of the plasticizer to be absorbed into PVC. This means that after mixing in the mixer, there should be no plasticizer on the PVC particles. The liquid capacity index is in direct proportion to the plasticizer absorption rate, which determines the performance of the mixing process. However, it should be remembered that a high absorption rate of the plasticizer, if the mixing process is incorrect, can lead to the appearance of lumps on the surface of the composition and the formation of a monolithic PVC mass in the upper chamber of the mixer.

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