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    Gelatinous capsules 9602000000

    Gelatinous capsules
    Gelatinous capsules
    Gelatinous capsules
    Gelatinous capsules
    Gelatinous capsules
    Gelatinous capsules
    Gelatinous capsules
    Gelatinous capsules
    Gelatinous capsules
    Gelatinous capsules
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    Here you can buy gelatin capsules No. 00, gelatin capsules No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, Hard gelatin capsules No. 0 gastric soluble, Hard gelatin capsules No. 1 gastrointestinal, Hard gelatin capsules No. 0 enteric, Hard gelatin capsules No. 1 enteric, Solid cellulose vegetarian capsules. Since the cost of goods is tied to currency quotes and the price of hard gelatin capsules may fluctuate, we ask you to specify the exact cost in the sales department.

    Gelatin capsules: modern casing for drugs

    To buy gelatin capsules in Ukraine , first you need to figure out what it is. A hard capsule made of gelatin is a kind of container or shell, designed for a certain dose of a substance. Inside such a "container" are placed not only pharmaceuticals, but also food biological additives.

    How are gelatin capsules made

    Unlike other types of capsules, gelatin capsules are made on the basis of gelatin, without the use of synthetic polymers and esters. It is obtained in the process of collagen breakdown when interacting with water, and the raw materials are the connective tissues of some representatives of the fauna: hooves, horns, bones, tendons, etc. Previously, the starting material undergoes thorough cleaning with alkalis or acids, splitting into various amino acid chains, which subsequently turn into gelatin capsules. It is not difficult to buy them : the goods are delivered in packages, both wholesale and retail.

    Thus, we can say that gelatin capsules for joints and human bones are already a benefit in themselves, because the regenerating properties of gelatin are known and repeatedly confirmed.

    Gelatin capsules: purpose and size

    The composition and properties of the gelatinous shell are selected so that to mask the bitter or cloying taste of the drug when taken orally. Swallowing or oral ingestion is the main purpose of gelatin capsules; less often they are used for rectal or vaginal drug administration.

    Modern manufactures produce various colors and sizes gelatin capsules. What is for? Capsules classified by size can contain different amounts of the drug, which is convenient for dosing. In addition, gelatin capsules, the sizes and the color of which differ from each other, are easy for the patient to take without being confused in the appointment.

    Benefits of gelatin capsules

    Why gelatin capsules for hair , joints, and the whole body as a whole are so popular? A huge number of advantages makes these casings indispensable for dietary supplements and medicines:

    • bioavailability: gelatin quickly dissolves, and a powdery preparation digestible more easily and faster than a compressed tablet;

    • precise doses: automated filling of capsules with minimal error;

      high performance of capsules on modern equipment;

    • aesthetic appearance of preparations and much more.

    The main feature of gelatin capsules is sensitivity to humid environment ... Therefore, the optimal packaging for medicines and dietary supplements in capsules is considered sealed blisters or sealed jars with silicone gel bags.

    high performance of capsules on modern equipment;
    An amount is in packing1000
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