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    Nizkogidrolizovannyy эножелатин 3503001000

    Nizkogidrolizovannyy эножелатин
    Nizkogidrolizovannyy эножелатин
    Nizkogidrolizovannyy эножелатин
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    Nizkogidrolizovannyy эножелатин
    Nizkogidrolizovannyy эножелатин
    Nizkogidrolizovannyy эножелатин
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    Gelatin belongs to good clarifiers for various wines, prone to browning or showing light haze that is difficult to remove by filtration caused by the action of excess tannins.

    Enogelatin - represents gelatin, obtained from a hot solution of gelatin, by special processing under optimal conditions. Release form - powder and liquid. The drug is approved for use in accordance with current legal regulations.

    Enogelatin brands:

    • A-low-hydrolyzed enogelatin ;
    • B-enogelatin of medium degree of hydrolysis;
    • C-highly hydrolyzed enogelatin.
    < Indicator of the activity of ions of an aqueous solution of enogelatin with a mass fraction of 1%, units. (pH) 4-7 Mass fraction of sulfurous acid in terms of SO2%, not less 0 , 5

    Properties of enogelatin:

    • Possesses higher efficiency of interaction with phenolic compounds than conventional gelatin in the processing of drinks and wine materials.
    • The tannin-precipitating ability of enogelatin is several times higher than that of edible gelatin, which makes it possible to efficiently process even highly extractive red wine materials that are difficult to paste, improve organoleptic qualities and ensure long-term stability of drinks.
    • Enogelatin in the form of a powder dissolves easily, without lumps in cold wine materials. Liquid enogelatin allows you to use it without preliminary preparation, adding it directly to the processed material.
    • The low gelling ability of enogelatin allows processing wines stored in open areas, as well as combining pasting with cold processing.
    • Enogelatin is used in combination with mineral sorbents - bentonite or colloidal solution of silicon dioxide, if necessary, tannin can be included in this scheme. When using enogelatin, the amount of mineral sorbents is halved.
    • The processing of table and fortified wine materials with enogelatin ensures their transparency and the necessary resistance to colloidal turbidity, contributes to the preservation of the typical color and bouquet, the formation of a harmonious taste, does not introduce any extraneous flavors and a bouquet of wine.

    Application of enogelatin: The optimal dosage is determined on the basis of trial processing (pasting). *

    For standard pasting, enogelatin is required: - dry commercial form (powder) - 0.2 kg per 1000 dal; - liquid commercial form: a) 1 liter per 1000 dal (for white, table and vintage wines); b) 2 liters per 1000 dal (for red and fortified wines).

    * according to the technological instructions for processing wine materials with enogelatin TI 00011050-1272-2011, developed by the National Institute of Vine and Wine "Magarach" of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

    Enogelatin packaging: containers made of plastic or other materials permitted for packaging food products weighing 5 50 kg.

    Enogelatin is gelatin made of hot gelatin solution by means of special processing in optimal conditions. Forms of the product are powder and liquid. The agent admitted for use in compliance with applicable legislative regulations.

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  • Exhibits higher interaction efficiency with phenol compounds than standard gelatin in processing of drinks and wine materials.
  • Tannin precipitation index of enogelatin exceeds values ??of food gelatin by several times that allows to treat even heavy-bodied red wine materials complex to fining, as well as to improve their organoleptic qualities and ensure long-term stability of drinks.
  • Enogelatin powder easily and smoothly dissolves in cold wine materials without balls formation. Liquid enogelatin allows to use it without preliminary preparation adding it directly to process materials.
  • Low gelling properties of enogelatin allows to treat wines of external uncovered storage, as well as to combine fining with cold treatment.
  • Enogelatin complements with mineral sorbent agents, swelling clay or silicon dioxide colloid solution; tannin may be included to the scheme as may be required. If using enogelatin the amount of mineral sorbent agents halves.
  • Enogelatin treatment of table and stiff wine materials provides for their clarity and anti-tanning stability, supports retaining of standard coloring and flavor, forms balanced taste, prevents bringing of secondary shadings.
  • Use of Enogelatin: Appropriate dosing rate is defined by proofing (fining). * Necessary dosing rate of enogelatin for standard fining : - Dry commodity form (powder): 0.2 kg / 1000 dal; - Liquid commodity form: a) 1 l / 1000 dal (for white, table and vintage wines); b) 2 l / 1000 dal (for red and stiff wines). <

    Compositiongelatin is food

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