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    Penoobrazovatel' is an albumen 2835299000

    Penoobrazovatel' is an albumen
    Penoobrazovatel' is an albumen
    Penoobrazovatel' is an albumen
    Penoobrazovatel' is an albumen
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    • Brand name: Европа
    Field of application of the foaming agent:

    • Protein foaming agent can be used in the production of ready-mixed concrete as a plasticizing and air-entraining additive. With the use of a foaming agent, the mobility of the mortar mixture and the strength of the solution increase. The optimum dosage is 1.6% by dry matter to the mass of cement.
    • in dry form can be used in the production of dry cement mixtures and plasters. As a result, strength, workability, as well as other technological parameters that characterize plastic viscosity, water separation, delamination and water retention increase.

    Characteristics of foam concrete produced with a protein foaming agent of the brand PBG ":

    Data are given for non-autoclave-hardened block concrete of grade 600 at a cement consumption (PC400A) of 350 kg per 1 m 3 foam concrete. Compressive strength class of concrete - B 1.5 (not less than 21.1 kgf / cm 2 ; actual strength is 27 kgf / cm 2 ) Frost resistance - not less than 15 cycles. Thermal conductivity - 0.12 W / mС Average density in a dry state - 580 kg / m 3 The use of 400 cement grades and an increase in the strength of foam concrete is possible due to the plasticizing effect of the PBG foaming agent, a decrease in the amount of mixing water and an increase in the number of bonds in the hydrating cement. Low thermal conductivity and strength of foam concrete are improved due to the porous structure, which has uniform small pores and stable microporosity. Frost resistance and moisture absorption are characterized by a closed pore structure in the foam obtained with a protein foaming agent.

    Brief technological regulations of foam concrete based on a protein foaming agent

    Aerated concrete grade 600 Consumables
    Compositiona transformer is an albumen
    Weight25000 g

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