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    Starch is a corn 1108120000

    Starch is a corn
    Starch is a corn
    Starch is a corn
    Starch is a corn
    Starch is a corn
    Starch is a corn
    Starch is a corn
    Starch is a corn
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    Corn starch is packed in 25 kg bags. There are 40 bags on a pallet. You can buy corn starch in a minimum batch - 1 pallet (net: 1000 kg).

    Starch production technology:

    Corn starch Is a natural substance, a carbohydrate polymer, which consists of two structurally different fractions of amylose and amylopectin with the general formula (C6h20O6) n. The technological process for producing corn starch consists of the following stages:

    soaking corn grain to extract extractive substances;

    grinding the grain and isolating the germ from it, which goes to the production of oil;

    fine grinding of grain to obtain cereal gruel, from which the fiber used for the production of feed is separated by washing, and separated by separation gluten and starch in the form of the so-called. starch milk.

    Starch milk is dehydrated in centrifuges and dried. Ready-made corn starch is produced according to the requirements of DSTU 3976-2000 “Corn starch dry. Technical mind ".


    Corn starch as a natural polymer , is one of the main organic sources of raw materials for food, chemical and many other industries. Native corn starch can be used alone or mixed with modified food starch to provide a thick and dense texture in sauces, desserts and dry mixes. It has a fast-solidifying structure and is used in the bakery industry to control the density of the dough and to provide crumbling properties to dry biscuits and crackers. Starch helps control the crust in foods that are baked. It increases the friability of dough and breadcrumbs and helps control the viscosity of the dough. This starch can be used for molding as a filler for molds when drying fruit-gelatin, jelly candies and is a substitute for chocolate, controlling the melting properties of chocolate, and also makes it possible to reduce the content of chocolate in hard chocolate formulations for regions with hot climates. The boiled starch paste is used as a binding agent in wet granulation and in thick masses used for paints. Cornstarch can also be used as a moisture absorbent for talcum powder and other pharmaceutical powders. It is used in cheese making as an anti-sticking agent for cheese pieces and as an anti-caking agent for crystalline sugar. Native corn starch can be used as a source of carbohydrates in fermentation, provided it is preheated and hydrolyzed before use.

    pharmaceutical industry in the production of medicines;

    leather, printing, tobacco and other industries.

    Packaging and storage: Corn starch is packed in multi-layer paper bags weighing 25-30 kg, which are stacked on pallets, forming a big-bag with a total weight of 850-1000 kg. Dry cornstarch should be stored in well-ventilated, clean, odor-free warehouses. Starch should be stored at a temperature not higher than 40 В° C and a relative humidity not higher than 75%. The guaranteed shelf life of dry corn starch when stored under standard conditions is two years from the date of manufacture.


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