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    h1> The use of starch is known in such areas of the food industry as: • The bakery and confectionery industry - for the production of cakes, biscuits, pies, mixtures for confectionery products, jelly products such as delight, biscuits , puddings, cereal flakes for breakfast - increases the softness of products, porosity, volume, improves the quality of flour, the consistency of flour products, slows down staling. • Pasta industry as a binder or thickener. • Meat industry sausages - boiled sausages, small sausages, sausages, canned meat and other meat products - as a binding agent for water and fat. • Fish products - crab sticks. • Spreads, canned food, dry mixes of spices as a binding agent • Dairy industry butter cream, puddings. Technical Uses • Paper Industry - Used in paper and board making as a binder. • Construction - used for the production of glue. • Textile - used for the production of dressing the bases of technical fabrics, for dressing (starch dressing increases wear resistance, improves appearance) and for the preparation of thickening compositions. • Chemical - preparation of paints. • Pharmacopoeia - has a mucolytic effect and helps to fight cough; used in medical and dietary nutrition; for the production of ointments, powders, and is also part of bandages for fixed dressings.

    Packaging and storage: Starch is packed in 25 kg multi-layer paper bags, big bags weighing 1 000 kg, and also possible bulk shipment to specialized transport. Should be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated room / warehouse with a maximum relative humidity of not more than 70%. 18 months from date of production in sealed packaging.

    Quality indicators: Min. Max. Method Moisture content,% - 13.0 DIN EN ISO 1666 Protein (N × 5.7), by weight of DM,% - 0.3 DIN EN ISO 3188 Starch (according to Evers), by weight of DM,% 97.0 - DIN EN ISO 10520 pH 6.0 7.0 DIN 10389 Ash,% by weight CB - 0.2 DIN EN ISO 3593 Sieve analysis, particles> 200 μm,% - 2.0 Bulk density, kg / m3 500 600

    Functional properties: MAFAM, CFU / g, not more than 10,000 Mold, CFU / g, not more than 200 Yeast, CFU / g,


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