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    Syrup of глюкозный 1702409000

    Syrup of глюкозный
    Syrup of глюкозный
    Syrup of глюкозный
    Syrup of глюкозный
    Syrup of глюкозный
    Syrup of глюкозный
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    by the method of enzymatic hydrolysis using various enzyme preparations that allow obtaining the required carbohydrate composition. Treacle (glucose syrup) is purified with activated carbon, after which it is concentrated. IG-42 has a low viscosity and color in comparison with starch syrup obtained only by the acid method, and does not contain artificial or synthetic substances, as well as food additives. No genetically modified raw materials are used in the production of IG-42.

    Application : Starch syrup (glucose syrup) reduces the crystallization rate of sugar syrups, and when it is introduced in large quantities, crystallization does not occur. This property of starch syrup is used in the production of caramel, toffee and other non-crystalline masses. Starch syrup can also change the hygroscopicity of confectionery semi-finished products and products (gingerbread, etc.), which prevents them from drying out quickly. Starch syrup helps to increase the volume of yeast products, increase the porosity and elasticity of the crumb, slows down the process of hardening of finished products, gives color and is an anti-crystallizer.


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