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    A treacle is a maltose 1702309000

    A treacle is a maltose
    A treacle is a maltose
    A treacle is a maltose
    A treacle is a maltose
    A treacle is a maltose
    A treacle is a maltose
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    the main component of which is maltose disaccharide. IM-50 is obtained from corn starch by cleavage of the polysaccharide into sugars, by acid and / or enzymatic hydrolysis using various enzyme preparations that allow obtaining the required carbohydrate composition. Treacle is purified with activated carbon and ion-exchange resins, after which it is concentrated. Maltose syrup has a high sweetness, and does not contain artificial or synthetic substances, as well as food additives. In the production of maltose syrup, no genetically modified raw materials are used.
    Application: In factories, maltose syrup is introduced into the recipe at the same stage of the process, like caramel syrup, invert syrup, artificial honey. High maltose syrup, combining the properties of ordinary molasses and increased sweetness, can be used to completely replace ordinary starch syrup, and to completely or partially replace sugar in products with a low content of it (bakery products, flour confectionery). This syrup has proven itself well in the production of caramel, jelly products, marshmallow group and candy fillings. Treacle improves flavor, body and texture, with a high degree of sugar substitution, and at the same time counteracts colorization, moisture absorption and crystallization of end products such as caramel. As a result, finished products have exceptional stability, purity and gloss.
    Packaging and storage: The treacle can be delivered to the consumer by truck tanks, barrels, cans, cardboard-winding drums with a capacity of 25, 50, 200 l, in capacities of 1 m3, intended for use in the food industry. Automobile tanks are sealed, barrels, cans, containers are sealed. When transported by road (molasses), molasses is poured into a sectional thermo tank with a capacity of 25 tons at a temperature of 50 ... 55 ° C, while temperature losses to the environment are: in summer - no more than 1 ° C, in winter - no more than 2 ... 3 ° C. Depending on the weather, the temperature of the IM-50 during loading may vary. For long-term storage of molasses, it is necessary to provide insulated stainless steel containers with external electric heating (water jackets can also be used for heating) at a temperature of 50… 55 ° C.

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