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    The company offers Vitamins products !

    All products are presented in the form of a catalog. Actual prices, manufacturer I and availability must be checked with of the organism, represented by substances of various biochemical classes, are similar in physiological action and possess strong biological activity.

    Vitamins are part of enzyme systems, without which the transformation of substances in cells cannot occur. They play an important role in the absorption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates,

    Retinol is a fat-soluble vitamin, antioxidant. Unstable in its pure form,

    is found in both plant foods and animal sources. Therefore

    is produced and used in the form of retinol acetate and retinol palmitate. In the body

    is synthesized from beta-carotene. Essential for vision and bone growth, skin health and

    hair, normal functioning of the immune system, etc.


    < > deposits; essential for the growth of new cells, slows down the aging process.

    Vitamin A supports night vision through the formation of a pigment called

    rhodopsin capable of trapping minimal light, which is very important for nighttime

    view. It also helps moisturize the eyes, / p>

    Retinol is essential for the maintenance and repair of epithelial tissues, from

    which are skin and mucous membranes. Not for nothing in almost all modern

    cosmetics contain retinoids - its synthetic counterparts.

    Indeed, vitamin A is used in the treatment of almost all skin diseases. In case of skin damage (wounds, sunburn) .

    B itamine A accelerates the healing process and also stimulates collagen synthesis .

    alcohol. Degrades when heated.

    Known as vitamin B1, thiamine plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

    The substance is necessary for the normal course of growth and development processes and

    helps support the proper functioning of the heart, nervous and digestive systems.

    Thiamin, being a water-soluble compound, it is not stored in the body and does not have

    toxic properties.


    Needed for the oxidative decarboxylation of keto acids (pyruvic and lactic), the synthesis of acetylcholine, it participates in carbohydrate metabolism and energy related to it, fat, protein, water-salt metabolism, has a regulatory effect on trophism and the activity of the nervous system.

    Thiamine optimizes cognition and brain function. It has positive effects on energy levels, growth, normal appetite, learning ability and is essential for muscle tone in the digestive tract, stomach and heart.

    Thiamine acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body from

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