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    Chloride of potassium 3104209000

    Chloride of potassium
    Chloride of potassium
    Chloride of potassium
    Chloride of potassium
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    Potassium chloride (potassium chloride, potassium salt of hydrochloric acid) in its pure form is a white crystalline substance, odorless, hygroscopic, cakes during storage, well soluble in water. It belongs to the structural type NaCl.
    It occurs naturally in the form of the minerals sylvine and carnallite, and is also a part of sylvinite. Potassium chloride is a product of sylvinite ore beneficiation and, depending on the beneficiation method (halurgic or flotation), with the same chemical composition, it has a different color: grayish-white (with halurgic beneficiation) or from pink to red-brown (with flotation beneficiation) .
    Use of potassium chloride.
    In agriculture. Potassium chloride is the most common high-concentration potash fertilizer. It is used in systems of mineral nutrition of crops in all soil and climatic zones of Ukraine for the main cultivation of the soil.

    It is advisable to use in autumn for feeding wheat and other crops that are insensitive to the harmful effects of chlorine. It is not recommended to use potassium chloride on crops sensitive to chlorine (potatoes for chips, flax, grapes, tomatoes, tobacco, citrus fruits, ornamental crops), especially on loamy soils.

    In medicine. Potassium is the main intracellular ion that plays an important role in the regulation of body functions. and for subsequent sale. You can not only purchase products from us, but also get advice on the technological application of the purchased raw materials, receive guidelines and other information.
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