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    Hydrazone (hydrate) 2825100000

    Hydrazone (hydrate)
    Hydrazone (hydrate)
    Hydrazone (hydrate)
    Hydrazone (hydrate)
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    Hydrazine hydrate is a clear, colorless liquid with an ammonia odor. In solid form - cubic crystals. It is a strong reducing agent, it reduces even noble metals from their salts.
    Hydrazine hydrate is highly toxic, intensively oxidized by atmospheric oxygen to N2, NH3, H2O. Hydrazine hydrate absorbs carbon dioxide in air, mixes with water and alcohol in any ratio; does not dissolve in ether, chloroform and benzene.
    Density 1.03 g / cm?. Melting point - 1 В° C, boiling point - 120 В° C, flash point - 73 В° C, freezing point - 51 В° C.
    Hydrazine hydrate is obtained by oxidation of NH3 or CO (NH2) 2 with sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl).
    Application of hydrazine hydrate.
    Hydrazine hydrate is used to remove oxygen during water treatment; for corrosion protection of water and steam circulation pipelines (namely: steam generators, cooling systems, heating systems), as well as for the conservation of decommissioned equipment.
    Hydrazine hydrate is also used :
    • as fuel in fuel cells;
    • for pure metals (Cu, Ni, etc. ) from their oxides and salts;
    • in the production of blowing agents (for example, benzenesulfonyl hydrazide), insecticides, explosives (astrolite), plant growth regulators (for example, maleic hydrazide acid), drugs (for example, isonicotinic acid hydrazide);
    • as a reagent (for the detection of carbonyl groups, chlorites and chlorates);
    • ;
    • for obtaining intermediate products and dyes;
    • as an additive in glass melt (to eliminate glass dullness);
    • for cleaning industrial gases from CO2 and mercaptans.

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