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    Nitric acid is a colorless or yellowish liquid.
    Strong monobasic acid. Forms crystalline hydrates. Nitric acid is miscible with water in all proportions. In aqueous solutions, it almost completely dissociates into H + and NO3. Nitric acid is only slightly soluble in ether.
    Nitric acid is a strong oxidizing agent. Under the action of nitric acid, metals (with the exception of Pt, Rh, Ir, Nb, Zr, Ta, Au) are converted to nitrates or oxides, sulfur is vigorously oxidized to sulfuric acid, phosphorus to phosphoric acid, organic compounds are oxidized and nitrated.
    Anhydrous nitric acid forms a green or blue solution with water, which becomes colorless when diluted. When air or carbon dioxide is passed through fuming nitric acid for a long time, nitrogen oxides are released, and the acid transforms into ordinary nitric acid.
    The production of nitric acid is explosive due to the use of flammable and explosive substances - NH and natural gas.
    • production of nitrogen and complex mineral fertilizers
    • production of sodium, potassium, calcium nitrates
    • in hydrometallurgy
    • div> A mixture of concentrated nitric and hydrochloric acids (ratio by volume 1: 3) is called aqua regia, it dissolves even noble metals.

      A mixture of HNO3 concentration of about 100% and H2SO4 concentration of about 96% at a ratio by volume of 9: 1 is called melange.

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