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    Alyumokalievye alumens 2833300000

    Alyumokalievye alumens
    Alyumokalievye alumens
    Alyumokalievye alumens
    Alyumokalievye alumens
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    Potassium alum (KA1 (SO4) 2 • 12H2O) - crystalline hydrate of ammonium-potassium sulfate, INCI - Aluminum Potassium Sulphate.

    Occurs in the form of a fine-crystalline powder without foreign inclusions or large transparent colorless crystals with a sweetish astringent taste. Well soluble in hot water, glycerin; practically do not weather in the air; pH of 10% aqueous solution 3.0-3.5. Registered as a food additive E522. https://soda.kiev.ua/contact-us/

    The melting temperature of alum is 92 ° C, when it reaches 120 ° C, they lose crystallization water and turn into burnt alum - a white powder poorly soluble in water.

    Potassium alum occurs in nature as a salt mineral of mountain-volcanic origin. In laboratory conditions, alum is obtained by processing clay or bauxite.


    Potassium alum is widely used in the clothing, light and cosmetic industries. They are also used in medicine - hemostatic, astringent and anti-inflammatory effect of 0.5-1% solutions are used for rinsing, rinsing, etc.; Alum is one of the main ingredients in bleeding pencils.

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    Form of issueCrystals
    Temperature of melting of квасцов92°C

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