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    Bicarbonate of ammonium 2836991700

    Bicarbonate of ammonium
    Bicarbonate of ammonium
    Bicarbonate of ammonium
    Bicarbonate of ammonium
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    Ammonium bicarbonate (ammonium carbonate acid) - white crystals of the rhombic system, pl. 1.58 g / cm3. Melting point 106 ° C (under pressure). The reagent is readily soluble in water (17.5% at 20 ° C). It decomposes and evaporates in air, and the rate of decomposition of the drug largely depends on its humidity.
    • Sour ammonium carbonate (ammonium bicarbonate) is used
    • in analytical chemistry,
    • in the food industry, as a baking powder (in bread, biscuits), for the production of other bakery products in addition to baking soda, etc., food additive code E503
    • in the textile industry when dyeing fabrics,
    • in the production of vitamins, medicine, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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