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    To dissolve various polymers in production, you need to have special petroleum products. In particular, orthoxicol can cope with this problem, which you can buy from us in a convenient container with a volume of more than 200 liters. This oil product is a transparent liquid with a specific odor, and you can check its quality very easily - the presence of any sediment will be enough to say that the chemical liquid does not comply with GOST.

    In cooperation with our company, you will not have any questions. We offer only high-quality orthoxicol, and its price will not exceed acceptable limits. When you contact us, you can not only save adequately, providing your production with everything you need, but also guarantee the high quality of chlorinated rubbers or nitrocellulose produced by your enterprise.

    Compliance with the recommended temperature

    Safety while working with this oil is quite simple. Since the orthoxicol you buy from us belongs to the third hazard class, but is less toxic than other substances in the same group, you do not need to protect your skin and respiratory tract so carefully.

    Remember, however, that this substance is highly flammable and should therefore not be handled at high temperatures or near sources of fire or sparks.


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