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    Sulfate of barium 2833270000

    Sulfate of barium
    Sulfate of barium
    Sulfate of barium
    Sulfate of barium
    Sulfate of barium
    Sulfate of barium
    Sulfate of barium
    Sulfate of barium
    Sulfate of barium
    Sulfate of barium
    Sulfate of barium
    Sulfate of barium
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    Barium sulfate (barium sulfate) is a barium sulfate salt. Chemical formula - BaSO4

    Analytical chemistry

    In analytical chemistry, barium sulfate is used as a good gravimetric form for the determination of sulfate ions and barium ions in gravimetric analysis.

    Radiopaque substance

    It is often used in X-ray studies of the gastrointestinal tract as a radiocontrast substance, since heavy barium atoms absorb X-rays well. Although all soluble barium salts are poisonous, barium sulfate is practically insoluble in water (and in the hydrochloric acid solution found in gastric juice), so it is non-toxic. For X-ray examination of the digestive organs, the patient takes orally a suspension of barium sulfate ("barium porridge") with a barium content of 58.7%.


    Sulfate barium is one of the constituent mixtures used as white pigments:

    1. A mixture of barium sulfate with zinc sulfide, obtained by the interaction of solutions of barium sulfide and zinc sulfate - lithopone.
    2. Fine crystalline barium sulfate, obtained by the interaction of precipitation of sodium sulfate from a solution of barium sulfide - Blanc fixe.

    It is used as a glue paint, since it is insoluble in organic solvents. This whitewash is cheaper than lead, in contrast, they are non-toxic and do not darken from hydrogen sulphide.

    Other uses

    Barium sulphate is used for various industrial purposes:

    • As a filler for photographic and writing paper, for linoleum and for some varnish-and-paint materials. See, for example, baritage.
    • As a white filler for plastics, and as a component of drilling fluids to increase their density.
    • In photometry: for painting photometric balls
    • In the electrochemical industry in the manufacture of lead-acid batteries as an expander of the active mass of the negative electrode.
    • In the production of glass etching paste.

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