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    Nitrate of barium 2834292000

    Nitrate of barium
    Nitrate of barium
    Nitrate of barium
    Nitrate of barium
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    Barium nitrate Ba (NO3) 2 (barite nitrate) in the technique is obtained in various ways. The easiest way to do this is to dissolve witherite BaCO3 in nitric acid. Instead of BaCO3, one can proceed from BaS, obtained by reduction of heavy spar with BaSO4; in the latter case, the hydrogen sulfide released during the reaction is captured by passing it through caustic soda. Other methods are based on exchange reactions between barium chloride and sodium nitrate (Chilean nitrate) or barium carbonate and calcium nitrate
    ВаС12 + 2NaNO3 ↔ Ba ( NO3) 2 + 2NaCl;
    BaCO3 + Ca (NO3) 2 ↔ Ba (NO3) 2 + CaCO3

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