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    Boric acid 2810009000

    Boric acid
    Boric acid
    Boric acid
    Boric acid
    Boric acid
    Boric acid
    Boric acid
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    Boric acid (orthoboric acid) is a weak acid with the chemical formula H3BO3.
    Colorless crystalline substance in the form of odorless flakes, has a layered triclinic lattice, in which acid molecules are hydrogen-bonded into flat layers, the layers are intermolecularly linked (d = 0.318 nm).
    Metaboric acid (HBO2) is also a colorless crystal. It exists in three modifications - the most stable γ-HBO2 with a cubic lattice, β-HBO2 with a monoclinic lattice and α-HBO2 with a rhombic lattice.
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