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    Chlorous iron
    Chlorous iron
    Chlorous iron
    Chlorous iron
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    - Aqueous solutions of ferric chloride are used mainly as a coagulant in sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants, as well as activated sludge treatment. Ferric chloride is excellent at eliminating odor by binding hydrogen sulfide. Due to its specific properties, ferric chloride has proven itself as a coagulant for the treatment of wastewater from meat processing plants, poultry factories, food industries, metallurgical and machine-building factories, tanneries, etc.
    - Aqueous solutions of ferric chloride have mild etching properties, therefore they are used for etching printed circuit boards, copper foil and metal parts before electroplating.
    - Ferric chloride is used in the production of building materials as an additive to Portland cement to speed up the setting process. The water-cement ratio (W / C) is recommended in the range of 0.4 - 0.5. The addition of ferric chloride allows an increase in the W / C value. The addition of ferric chloride increases the strength of the concrete. Ferric chloride solution is also used as a component of the raw material for the manufacture of silicate bricks; waterproofing additive to mortar during construction work.

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