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    An iodine is crystalline 2801200000

    An iodine is crystalline
    An iodine is crystalline
    An iodine is crystalline
    An iodine is crystalline
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    Under normal conditions, iodine is a solid black-gray substance with a metallic sheen and a specific odor. The vapors have a characteristic violet color, just like solutions in non-polar organic solvents, for example, in benzene - in contrast to a brown solution in polar alcohol. Iodine at room temperature is a dark violet crystals with a low luster. When heated at atmospheric pressure, it sublimes (sublimes), turning into purple vapors; upon cooling, iodine vapors crystallize, bypassing the liquid state. This is used in practice to remove non-volatile impurities from iodine.

    In medicine. A 5% alcohol solution of iodine is used to disinfect the skin around a lesion (lacerated, cut or other wound), but not for ingestion if there is a deficiency of iodine in the body. The products of the addition of iodine to starch and other IUDs (the so-called "Blue iodine" - Iodinol, Yoks, Betadine, etc.) are milder antiseptics.
    It is widely advertised in alternative (unofficial) medicine, but its use without a doctor's prescription is generally poorly justified and is often accompanied by various advertising statements.
    As an antiseptic, it is used less and less often, along with an alcohol solution of iodine, Zelenka, Fukortsin, Pioktanin, solutions of hydrogen peroxide, etc. are used.

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