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    Silikagel' (KSMG, KSKG) 2811220000

    Silikagel' (KSMG, KSKG)
    Silikagel' (KSMG, KSKG)
    Silikagel' (KSMG, KSKG)
    Silikagel' (KSMG, KSKG)
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    Silica gel is a translucent or chalky grain of white or yellowish color (due to impurities), is fragile when dried, slightly soluble and does not swell in water and organic solvents. This is a dried gel formed from supersaturated solutions of silicic acids. Solid hydrophilic sorbent.
    By its structure, silica gel is a highly porous body formed by the smallest spherical particles, has a huge surface area, in terms of chemical composition - silicon dioxide SiO2 (silica).
    Chemical formula: xSiO2-nH2O
    It is obtained by acidifying solutions of alkali metal silicates, followed by washing and drying the resulting gel.
    Commercial silica gel is produced in the form of grains or spherical granules. Various grades of silica gels have an average effective pore diameter of 20-150 Angstroms (1 Angstrom = 10-10 meters) and a specific surface area of ??100-1000 m? / g.
    Silica gels are distinguished:
    • by grain shape (granular or lumpy);
    • by grain size (large and small);
    • by pore size (large pore and small pore). < when the dehydrated liquid dissolves water poorly, for example, in refrigeration equipment for dehydrating freon.
    Silica gel adsorbs well vapors of polar substances, for example: acetone, alcohols, ethers, benzene. This property is used to capture (recover) vapors of valuable organic compounds, for example, benzene from gas coke ovens, gasoline from natural gases.
    For cleaning various industrial oils.
    For drying and cleaning of oil strands and oil sludge.
    It is widely used in chromatographic analysis for the separation and analysis of mixtures.
    In the pharmaceutical industry for the concentration and isolation of antibiotics from the culture liquid.
    For the sorption of platinum metals.
    As a catalyst (accelerator) of many organic reactions.
    As a carrier for catalysts. Silica gel is used as a carrier for a wide variety of catalytically active substances.
    As ion exchangers:
    • for separation of radioactive isotopes;
    • purification of industrial wastewater from ions of various metals;

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