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    Silicic acid, meta 2804610000

    Silicic acid, meta
    Silicic acid, meta
    Silicic acid, meta
    Silicic acid, meta
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    Silicic acid is theoretically a compound of silicon oxide and water. Moreover, the ratio of these components can be very diverse. Therefore, in general, their composition can be represented by the formula. In this case, silicic acids with the presence of different amounts of silicon oxide and water, that is, with different values ​​of the parameters n and m, can easily pass from one state to another.

    Thus, n and m in this case can be considered variable quantities. Theoretically, silicic acid can be obtained by reacting the silicate of one of the alkali metals (for example, sodium) and one of the "strong" acids (for example, hydrochloric). In this way, in a free state, some of these acids were isolated (obtained): metasilicic, orthosilicic and others.


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