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    Hematoxylin (hematoxylin, haematoxylin) is a dye that is obtained from essential extracts of the camper tree. Hematoxylin is used in solutions for staining histological preparations, and is widely used in the diagnosis of oncology. Hematoxylin provides visualization of cell nuclei in sections (paraffinic, cryostat, vibrotome, made on a freezing microtome) and cytological preparations. The Heratoxylin Reagent is ethanol and methanol free. Hematoxylin is intended for use as a nuclear dye in the formulation of immunocytochemical reactions in combination with various types of chromogens (including those soluble in ethanol) and for coloring with hematoxylin-eosin. The advantages of the proposed hematoxylin are excellent and intense staining of cell nuclei in sections and the possibility of subsequent staining of drugs with eosin without bluing in tap water or alkaline solutions. Mayer's hematoxylin is recommended for progressive staining of cell nuclei with combined hematoxylin-eosin staining. Since the dye does not contain ethanol and strong acids, it can be used to tint the nuclei of cells when setting up immunocytochemical reactions in cases where alcohol-soluble chromogens are used and when the sections are threatened with unsticking (additional processing in alkaline solutions can be excluded). The duration of staining with hematoxylin using the progressive method for various purposes and objects ranges from 3 to 25 minutes.
    Duration of colouringfrom 3 to 25 minutes
    Medical formPowder
    Type of animals

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