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    Chloride of magnesium 2827310000

    Chloride of magnesium
    Chloride of magnesium
    Chloride of magnesium
    Chloride of magnesium
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    Magnesium Chloride is a colorless crystal, readily soluble in water. It is a binary inorganic chemical compound of magnesium with chlorine, the magnesium salt of hydrochloric acid.

    It occurs naturally in the form of bischofite mineral. In the fossil state, bischofite occurs in the form of a salt granular-crystalline rock.

    In pure form, bischofite crystals are water-transparent, but can have white, pink and brown color, depending on the impurities. It contains several tens of microelements, the concentration of some of which is close to the industrially significant. It also contains a small amount of sulfate minerals and a group of hydromicas.

    Density 2.316 g / cm?. Melting point - 713 В° C, boiling point - 1412 В° C.

    None of the modern de-icers can compare with magnesium chloride (bischofite). It is efficient and economical. It prevents ice formation down to -35 В° C, much lower than other de-icers. Bischofite acts quickly: in 15 minutes it melts twice as much ice as sodium chloride. Bischofite is safe for the environment;
  • in animal husbandry and plant growing as an effective feed additive for animals and birds; as a mineral supplement for plants that increases the productivity of fruit and berry crops and resistance to pests and diseases; in the production of fertilizers;
  • in medicine and pharmacology it is used as a bactericidal and anabolic agent in dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, dentistry, ophthalmology, in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases; in the production of medicines;
  • in forestry, bischofite is used to extinguish forest and steppe fires, as well as wooden buildings and as a fire retardant. Chemical flame retardants are widely used to combat forest fires. An effective agent for extinguishing forest fires is a diluted brine of natural bischofite. Wood materials treated with bischofite solution for a long time (before being washed off by rain) retain high fire resistance;
  • in the textile industry it is used for the stabilization process when coloring carpets;
  • in the food industry it is registered as a food additive E511 ;
  • in the oil and gas industry as a component of drilling and killing fluids;
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