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    Magnesium is a fluorine 2826199000

    Magnesium is a fluorine
    Magnesium is a fluorine
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    Magnesium is a fluorine
    Magnesium is a fluorine
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    White crystals, density 3.037 g / cm?. At 500 В° C it is noticeable, and at 650 В° C it completely decomposes into MgO and CO2. The solubility of magnesium carbonate in water is insignificant (22 mg / l at 25 В° C) and decreases with increasing temperature. When the aqueous suspension of MgCO3 is saturated with CO2, the latter dissolves due to the formation of Mg (HCO3) 2 bicarbonate. Basic magnesium carbonates are released from aqueous solutions in the absence of excess CO2. With carbonates of a number of metals, magnesium carbonate forms double salts, which include the natural mineral dolomite MgCO3 В· CaCO3.


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