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    Nitrate of magnesium 2834298000

    Nitrate of magnesium
    Nitrate of magnesium
    Nitrate of magnesium
    Nitrate of magnesium
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    Magnesium nitrate is a water-soluble fertilizer containing nitrogen in nitrate form and magnesium.

    It is used to provide plants with magnesium and nitrogen. Magnesium is important for photosynthesis, its use is especially effective at the beginning of growing.

    Method of application: foliar feeding and plant nutrition by drip irrigation, sprinkling and through hoses.

    Why do you need magnesium nitrate?

    Magnesium is the most important component of chlorophyll molecules (a pigment, without which the process of plant photosynthesis is impossible). With a magnesium deficiency in plants, chlorosis (premature yellowing of the leaves of the middle layer) appears. Symptoms of nitrogen deficiency are similar to those of magnesium deficiency, but yellowing of the leaves begins in the lower tier.

    Magnesium nitrate is easy to use

    Low electrical conductivity and high solubility of magnesium nitrate in water make this fertilizer one of the most effective and easy to use foliar fertilizers. This is especially noticeable when watering with a high concentration of salts is used.


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