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    Sulfate of manganese 2833210000

    Sulfate of manganese
    Sulfate of manganese
    Sulfate of manganese
    Sulfate of manganese
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    Manganese sulfate is a crystalline powder or crystals from white to pale pink, well soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol.

    Melting point: 700 ° C (anhydrite). Solubility in water: 39.3 g / 100ml.

    Chemical formula: MnSO4

    Manganese sulfate Manganese sulfate is used in the production of ferrites; as a component of dyes in the textile and porcelain industry; in the production of lead-manganese driers; in organic synthesis, as a catalyst, including in the production of synthetic fatty acids; for the manufacture of other Mn salts; as an electrolyte in the production of MnO2 and Mn.

    Manganese sulfate is widely used as micronutrient fertilizer in the feed industry. In vegetable growing of protected soil it is used for the main filling of soils and substrates. A fine-grained composition and a slow-acting form contribute to the uniform distribution of fertilizer and its long-term action in the soil.

    The main application together with nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers (in spring) and phosphorus (in autumn) when preparing the soil for sowing (planting), depending on on agrochemical soil indicators.

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