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    Chloride of copper (I), (II) 2827398590

    Chloride of copper (I), (II)
    Chloride of copper (I), (II)
    Chloride of copper (I), (II)
    Chloride of copper (I), (II)
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    Copper chloride is a binary chemical compound, copper salt of hydrochloric acid.
    It is a white or greenish powder, practically insoluble in water (0.0062 g / 100 ml at 20 ° C). Impurities of copper (II) chloride give the greenish color.
    Copper Monochloride is an intermediate in copper production.
    Gas scavenger for acetylene purification, as well as CO in gas analysis.
    Catalyst in organic synthesis, for example, in the oxidative chlorination of methane or ethylene, in the production of acrylonitrile. <

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