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    Hydrosulphite of sodium 2832100000

    Hydrosulphite of sodium
    Hydrosulphite of sodium
    Hydrosulphite of sodium
    Hydrosulphite of sodium
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    Sodium hydrosulfide is a white or colorless hygroscopic crystals readily soluble in water. Forms crystalline hydrates. It is a weakly hydrolyzable salt - an acidic salt of sodium and hydrogen sulfide. It melts without decomposition; in the molten state, sodium hydrosulfide has a black color. Typical reducing agent, oxidized by atmospheric oxygen.
    Density 1.79 g / cm?. Melting point 350 В° C.
    Sodium hydrosulfide (sodium sulfohydrate, sodium sulphide acid, sodium bisulfide) is obtained by absorption of hydrogen sulphide gas (waste of various industries - carbon disulfide, 2-mercaptobenzthiazole) with sodium hydroxide solution.
    Chemical formula: NaHS
    Sodium sulfohydrate Sodium hydrosulfide is mainly used in nonferrous metallurgy for the beneficiation of non-ferrous metal ores by flotation. In flotation processes it is a regulator reagent for the beneficiation of copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum and antimony-containing ores.
    In the leather industry, it is used as a component of a composition for removing the outer layer of skins.
    It is also used as a raw material in the chemical industry (for the production of ethyl mercaptan, butyphos, dyes).
    In the textile industry, it is used in the production of artificial silk. Also sodium hydrosulfide is a bleach for cotton, linen, rayon and nylon.

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