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    Sulfate of sodium and гидро- 2833110000

    Sulfate of sodium and гидро-
    Sulfate of sodium and гидро-
    Sulfate of sodium and гидро-
    Sulfate of sodium and гидро-
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    As a food additive, the compound acts as an emulsifier. It performs the following technological functions: separator, prevents clumping, caking, adsorbent, carrier.

    Sodium silicate prevents clumping and caking of bakery improvers, granulated sugar, milk powder, other food raw materials with a powder structure, and products while acting as agents for separation. In addition, the compound is used to enhance the strength of gels.

    Sodium silicate has also been used in other areas:

    • in the welding field for coatings for electrodes;
    • in the metallurgical field for the purpose of briquetting metal shavings, fines,

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