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    Chloride of nickel 2827350000

    Chloride of nickel
    Chloride of nickel
    Chloride of nickel
    Chloride of nickel
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    Nickel chloride hexahydrate is a monoclinic crystals of grassy green color, eroded in dry air. Let's dissolve in water, ethanol, in an aqueous solution of ammonia, in diethyl ether. In humid air it spreads and turns green due to the formation of crystalline hydrate. Nickel salts contain an admixture of ions of iron and cobalt. Forms double salts (chlorinicelates) with alkali and other chlorides.
    Anhydrous NiCl2 - shiny golden yellow rhombohedral crystals, hygroscopic. Produced by the action of chlorine on nickel heated to 600-800 ° C, dehydration of crystalline hydrates NiCl2 • nH2O (n = 1, 2, 4, 6, 7).
    Density: 3.55 g / cm³. T
    Industrial production of nickel chloride is mainly associated with the extraction of nickel from nickel-cobalt ores. The degree of nickel recovery depends on the nature of the nickel-containing compounds that make up the ores or concentrates.
    Nickel chloride (nickel chloride) is used in electroplating for nickel plating, as a chlorine carrier catalyst with HCl or Cl2.

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