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    Oxide of nickel
    Oxide of nickel
    Oxide of nickel
    Oxide of nickel
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    Nickel oxide is a crystalline homogeneous, water-insoluble powder, depending on the method of production and heat treatment, has a color from light to dark green or black. It is an inorganic binary compound of divalent nickel with oxygen, has weak basic properties. Dissolves in acids. Reduced with hydrogen when heated. Very stable thermally.
    Occurs in nature as a rare mineral bunsenite.
    Has two crystalline modifications: α-NiO (trigonal system) and β- NiO (cubic system).
    Density: α-NiO - 6.67 g / cm³, β-NiO - 7.45 g / cm³. Melting point 1682 ° C, decomposition temperature 1230 ° C.
    Chemical formula: NiO.
    Nickel oxide production is based on mine smelting oxidized nickel ore with preliminary drying of ore from 23-27% moisture content to 14-15%. It is also obtained by calcining nitrate, carbonate, nickel (II) sulfate or oxides Ni2O3, Ni3O4, NiO2.
    The main use of nickel oxide is an intermediate product in the production of nickel (II) salts, nickel-containing catalysts and ferrites.

    It is used in combination with oxides of other metals ( lithium , magnesium, manganese, titanium, etc.) in the production of semiconductors with very high temperature coefficients of resistance.

    It is used in the manufacture of enameled products as a green pigment for glass , glazes and ceramics.

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