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    Oxide of lead Litharge is leaden 2824900010

    Oxide of lead Litharge is leaden
    Oxide of lead Litharge is leaden
    Oxide of lead Litharge is leaden
    Oxide of lead Litharge is leaden
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    Litharge lead is a red or yellow crystals of various shades, poorly soluble in water and ethanol. It is a binary inorganic compound of lead metal and oxygen.
    Thermodynamically stable at room and lower temperatures, characterized by high anticorrosive properties. Highly toxic. It is diamagnetic, has semiconducting properties, the type of conductivity depends on the composition.
    Lead litharge and massicot - lead oxide with various impurities occur in nature in the form of minerals.
    Lead (II) oxide forms crystals of two modifications: α-modification - red crystals of tetragonal system and β-modification - massikot, yellow crystals of rhombic system.
    Density: α-PbO - 9.13 g / cm³, β-PbO - 9.45 g / cm³. Melting point 886 ° C, boiling point 1535 ° C.
    Chemical formula: PbO.
    Lead litharge is obtained by melting under oxidizing conditions with the presence of lead metal catalysts. In poor quality lead lattice, metallic lead is a common impurity.
    The use of lead lithium (technical lead oxide):
    • In the glass industry - in the production of lead crystal, glass, including vacuum glass, electroceramics.

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