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    Lead is an element of the 14th group (according to the outdated classification - the main subgroup of the IV group), the sixth period of the periodic system of chemical elements of D.I. Mendeleev, with atomic number 82 and, thus, contains the magic number of protons. Lead, a simple substance (CAS number: 7439-92-1), is a malleable, relatively low-melting metal of a silvery-white color with a bluish sheen. Known since antiquity.


    Lead nitrate is used to produce powerful mixed explosives.

    Lead azide is used as the most widely used detonator (initiating explosive).

    Lead perchlorate is used to prepare a heavy liquid (density 2.6 g / cm³) used in flotation ore concentration, it is sometimes used in high-power mixed explosives as an oxidizing agent. Lead fluoride alone, as well as together with bismuth, copper, silver fluoride is used as a cathode material in chemical power sources.

    Lead bismuthate, lead sulfide PbS, lead iodide are used as a cathode material in lithium storage batteries.

    Lead chloride PbCl2 as a cathode material in backup power supplies.

    Lead telluride PbTe is widely used as a thermoelectric material (thermoelectric power with 350 μV / K), the most a widely used material in the production of thermoelectric generators and thermoelectric refrigerators.

    Lead dioxide PbO2 is widely used not only in lead batteries,

    Form of raw material which is suppliedGranules
    Heavy metalLead

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