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    Zinc сернокислый 2833292000

    Zinc сернокислый
    Zinc сернокислый
    Zinc сернокислый
    Zinc сернокислый
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    Zinc sulfate is a colorless transparent prismatic crystals or fine-crystalline powder of astringent taste, odorless. It is a zinc salt of sulfuric acid. It erodes in the air. Let's very easily dissolve in water, practically insoluble in ethanol, slowly dissolve in glycerin. Aqueous solutions are acidic. Weak solutions of zinc sulfate become cloudy during hydrolysis due to precipitation.

    Zinc sulfate is actively used in electroplating, as well as in the production of artificial fibers. In the chemical industry, it is used in the production of viscose, glazes, it is also good for protecting wood from decay, it is also necessary in metallurgy.
    It is also used as a stain in the textile industry,

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