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    Chromic anhydride 2819100000

    Chromic anhydride
    Chromic anhydride
    Chromic anhydride
    Chromic anhydride
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    Chromic anhydride is a compound of chromium with oxygen; crystals, flakes or granules of dark red or crimson-red color with a violet tint.

    Depending on the purpose, chromic anhydride is produced in grades A, B and C.

    It is widely used in mechanical engineering, metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical and other industries for:

    • production of high-purity metallic chromium, superhard materials, some catalysts for chromium plating, chromating and passivation processes (grade A).
    • production of electrolytic chromium, production of catalysts (grade B).
    • production casting as part of molding and core sands, for etching processes and other purposes (grade B).

    It is also used as an oxidizing agent in organic chemistry (in the production of isatin, indigo, etc.) ... Mixed with diatomaceous earth, it is used to purify acetylene called epurite.


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