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    Triatsetin Е1518 2915390000

    Triatsetin  Е1518
    Triatsetin  Е1518
    Triatsetin  Е1518
    Triatsetin  Е1518
    Triatsetin  Е1518
    Triatsetin  Е1518
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    • The country of manufacture: Евро Союз
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    • Brand name: Европа

    Triacetin E1518 (glyceryl triacetate, triacetylglycerin, Triacetin) is a food additive of artificial origin used as a water-retaining agent, a solvent.

    Triacetin is a colorless liquid with a bitter taste and a slight fatty odor.


    E1518 is produced by chemical synthesis - the interaction of acetic acid and glycerin. The use of triacetin

    E1518 is approved for use in the Russian Federation for food production.

    Most often, triacetin is used in food flavorings.

    In addition to food production, E1518 is used for the manufacture of food grade plastic, used in the tobacco industry for the manufacture of filters.


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