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    A palm-oil is refined deodorized bleached 42-46 1511909900

    A palm-oil is refined deodorized bleached 42-46
    A palm-oil is refined deodorized bleached 42-46
    A palm-oil is refined deodorized bleached 42-46
    A palm-oil is refined deodorized bleached 42-46
    A palm-oil is refined deodorized bleached 42-46
    A palm-oil is refined deodorized bleached 42-46
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    Palm oil

    If you think you've never tasted palm oil in your life, you are wrong. Palm oil is used for production by large companies known around the world, so it has long penetrated into the composition of familiar goods. Oil production began in ancient Egypt, so it is far from being an innovation in the food industry. For a long time, there have been disputes over the usefulness of the product. As soon as it was proved that in terms of cholesterol levels, palm oil remains on an equal footing with olive and sunflower oil, it immediately penetrated into large food concerns. For personal needs buy palm oil is available in grocery stores and on the Internet.

    Palm oil production

    Palm oil production has grown rapidly since its inception in the food industry, ahead of sunflower. The raw material is obtained from the fruit of the oil palm grown on the plantations. Of course, technology has improved a lot since ancient Egypt, and now most of the work is done by machines.

    First At this stage, fruits are collected from the palms, which are further cleaned from seeds and sent under the press. After processing the pulp, an unrefined oil is obtained. It can already be used, but it goes through several more stages to improve the quality.

    Palm oil application

    Palm oil has a wide range of applications, and not only in the food industry. It is also used to create fuels and perfumes. Due to its pleasant delicate taste, it is added to the cream filling of cakes, biscuits and pastries. Liquid palm oil called olein suitable for frying food, so it is often used for deep-fried cooking.

    Like any other oil , palm can have a negative effect on the body if consumed in large quantities. Overall, the product contains vitamin E, beneficial coenzymes Q10, and carotenoids. In terms of its beneficial properties, palm oil is not inferior to soybean and corn oil.

    From an economic point of view, palm oil is very profitable product. At a low cost, it significantly extends the shelf life of food products, which increases their shelf life in stores. Despite the myth that that palm oil melts at a temperature of 40 degrees, and, therefore, is not excreted from the body, it, on the contrary, is well absorbed and dissolves in the stomach. If you are looking for a good replacement for milk fat or a base for home perfumery, then buy palm oil is available at an affordable price.

    In perfumery, palm oil is used to create lipsticks, mascaras, creams, scrubs, and other cosmetics. Due to this, the products have a low price, but have a positive effect on the condition of the skin.

    In our store you can buy palm oil wholesale and retail. We offer favorable prices and additional promotional offers. In addition, we ensure fast delivery thanks to our private tankers.

    PackingA palm-oil is cased in гофрокороб, with a polyethylene bag-in-box, by net of product weight 20 kg Guarantee shelf-life: 2 years at a temperature from minus 20 to 0 inclusive, 1,5
    Packing of meana tank is 20 kg
    TypeRefined deodorized
    Type of butterPalm
    Type of essential oilpalm
    Type of meanBase (clean) butter

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