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    Coconut oil

    The attractive scent of coconut can be distinguished from thousands of other scents. Large coconut nuts are widely used in many areas of life. This is not only the food industry, but also medicine, perfumery, veterinary medicine and much more. Coconut oil is extracted from the soft and juicy pulp, possesses nutritional and medicinal properties.

    It serves as the basis for many perfume products, but not so much due to the aroma, how much the ability to improve the condition of the skin and hair. Coconut oil masks are still the best way to strengthen the structure of curls and improve their density. The main thing is that it is a completely natural product that is easily absorbed by the body. That is why, if you buy coconut oil for cosmetic purposes, then a positive effect is guaranteed .

    < p align = "CENTER"> Scopes of coconut oil

    Due to its positive effect on the body, coconut oil has long penetrated into medicine. It is prescribed for:

    • violations of the cardiovascular system;

    • diseases of the nervous system.

    Despite the fact that it has a short price, coconut oil is a very high-calorie product. Taking a few spoons, a person gets a daily calorie intake, so it is very easy with it If you use the oil externally, you can noticeably reduce skin irritation, cure acne, eliminate itching from insect bites, disinfect wounds, etc. Combination of antibacterial properties, pleasant smell and affordable price made it the main ingredient for soap making.

    In the food industry, coconut oil is used in baked goods and sweets. Coconut has a pleasant aroma and taste, which is why it can often be found in recipes for desserts, cocktails and smoothies. Its use is also due to economic reasons - 75 g of coconut oil will replace 100 g of margarine, given that the cost of the latter is higher. Adding coconut oil to the dough allows you to compact its structure, make it soft and pliable for sculpting.

    If you are not extra calories frighten, but only cholesterol, Today, there are several technologies for processing coconut pulp into a clear yellow liquid. First, copra is separated from the shell - this is the pulp. Then it is dried, crushed and sent under the press. There are two types of pressing: cold and hot. During hot pressing, the finished product is less, but its quality is higher. With the cold pressing method, the opposite is true: there is more oil, but its value is slightly lower, respectively, the price is also.

    Depending on the scope of application, the oil can be refined or supplied unrefined. For example, refining is optional for the cosmetics industry. Moreover, refined oil smells of coconut much less than unrefined oil.

    You can buy coconut oil in our store. Affordable prices and constant promotions for goods always delight our customers. Fast delivery is a pleasant bonus, as we use personal transport. We work with wholesale and retail buyers.

    CompositionCoconut butter the Attractive smell of coconut can be selected from thousand other aromas. The large nuts of coconut tree are actively used in many spheres of life. It is food industry, but also medicine, perfumery, veterinary science and other great deal not only. From soft and juicy pulp obtain coconut butter, possessing nourishing and medical properties. It serves as basis for many products of perfumery, but not so much due to an aroma, how many ability to improve the state of skin and hairs. Masks from coconut butter until now are the best mean for strengthening of structure of curls and improvement of their density. Mainly is fully a natural product which is easily mastered by an organism. For this reason, if to purchase coconut butter in cosmetic aims, then a positive effect is assured. Application of coconut butter domains Coconut butter due to positive influence on an organism already a long ago got to medicine. Propisyvayut him at: violations of work of the сердечно-сосудистой system; мочекаменных and illnesses of gall-bladder; immunodeficit; ulcer, colics, gastritises, inflammatory diseases of stomach, organs of digestion and пр.; illnesses of joints; oncologic diseases; illnesses of the nervous system. In spite of the fact that for him low price, coconut butter is a very high-calorie product. Accepting a few spoons, a man gets the daily norm of calories, therefore with him as easy as anything to grow stout. If to use butter наружно, then it is possible notedly to decrease the irritation of skin, bring through акне, remove an itch from the bites of insects, продезинфицировать wounds and other Combination of antibacterial properties, pleasant smell and moderate price did his main ingredient for the soap making. In food industry coconut butter is used in preparation of baking and sweetnesses. A coconut is a daryl a pleasant aroma and taste, therefore him it is often possible to meet in the recipes of desserts, cocktails and смузи. His application is also conditioned by economic reasons - a 75 g of coconut butter will replace a 100 g of margarine, taking into account that the cost of the last is higher. Adding of butter of coconut to dough allows to make more compact his structure, do soft and pliable for modelling. If you are not frightened by superfluous calories, and only cholesterol, boldly replace a desi copra - in him he almost is not contain and in the prepared kind it is possible to spread on bread. Production of coconut butter Production of coconut butter a few ages began to get busy back, recognizing his healthful properties. Today there are a few technologies of processing of pulp of coconut in a transparent yellow liquid. At first a copra moves away from a shell - it and there is pulp. It is dried out further, grind down and order under a press. There are two types of pressing: cold and hotter. During hot-pressed of the prepared product turns out less than, but his quality is more high. At the cold method of pressing vice versa: butter is more, but his value a few below, accordingly, price also. Depending on a purview butter can pass an affinage or be supplied in the unrefined kind. For example, for cosmetic industry an affinage is optional. Especially as the refined butter smells a coconut far fewer, what unrefined. you can purchase coconut butter in our shop. Moderate prices and permanent actions on commodities always make happy our clients. Pleasant бонусом rapid delivery serves as, because we use the personal transport. We work with a wholesale and with retail buyers.
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