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    Substitute of cacao-butter 1504301000

    Substitute of cacao-butter
    Substitute of cacao-butter
    Substitute of cacao-butter
    Substitute of cacao-butter
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    > CBS is an excellent substitute for cocoa butter in confectionery coatings and molded products. This product is not compatible with cocoa butter and is used with cocoa powder that has a low cocoa butter content. It can be used in the production of chocolate coatings for cookies, waffles.


    margin-bottom: 2.7em; "> 0.1% max

    AOCS Ca 5a - 40

    Moisture and impurities

    0.1% max

    AOCS Ca 2c - 25

    Iodine value (Wiis)

    1 max

    AOCS Cd 1d - 92

    Sliding melting point

    33.5 - 35.5 o C

    AOCS Cc 3 - 25

    Saponification number

    240 - 250

    AOCS Cd 3 - 25

    Color (Lovibond)

    1Kr max

    AOCS Cc 13e - 92

    Solid fat content

    IUPAC 2.150a

    margin-top: 0.5em; margin-bottom: 2.7em; "> С14: 0

    С16: 0

    С18: 0

    С18: 1

    С18: 2

    С18: 3


    Compositionsubstitute of какао-маслаполученный from a пальмоядрового stearin by the method of fractionating and гидрогенизации.
    Typesubstitute of cacao-butter

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