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    Transparent soap base

    Homemade soap making is a pleasant way to spend time, as well as an opportunity to replenish stocks of hygiene products. The advantage of this hobby is the low cost of ingredients, and utensils and molds can be found at regular baking stores or made by yourself. The first thing to do is buy a transparent soap base Soap making process

    It should be noted that soap making is an interesting process that makes it possible to create real masterpieces. Handmade soap is a great gift for any occasion, and just for the pleasure of others. The combination of fragrances and oils allows you to bring out your favorite scent. Novice soap-makers can buy a ready-made set for beginners right away and try their hand. Previously, it was difficult to find all the necessary components for such an interesting hobby, which is why it did not enjoy such wide popularity. However, today transparent soap base, buy which you can in any specialized store, is a very affordable product.

    For soap making you will need:

    • transparent soap base;

    • Over time, you can move on to more complex recipes with the addition of several types of oils and flavors.

      How to choose a soap base?

      Transparent soap base, the price which depends on the packaging, is a very economical product, since 1 kg makes about 10 bars of soap 100 g each. Today, many countries produce bases for soap making, but they all can differ in structure and consistency.

      The first thing to pay attention to is the manufacturer. Bases from England, Germany, Belgium, etc. are in great demand. For beginners, it is recommended to choose simpler bases in order to first determine the correct proportions for mixing.

      The base should also melt well both in the microwave and in a water bath. It is recommended to choose odorless bases, as it can interrupt or change the pleasant scent of the essential oil. A good base interacts quickly with other supplements. After mixing, a clean, homogeneous mass should be obtained. The base should harden quickly. Ideally, the setting time is 1 hour, thick mixtures are left in the form for up to 3 hours.

      Use soap the basis is quite simple: just cut it into small pieces and send it to the microwave. Then add oils and pour into molds. A good quality soap base shows itself immediately - it is very easy and pleasant to work with.

      We sell only the highest quality soap bases at wholesale and retail prices. A large number of promotional offers for our customers allow us to choose products at the most attractive prices. A bonus to everything is fast delivery throughout Ukraine due to the use of personal transport.

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