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    Stearin for the production of candles 1511901900

    Stearin for the production of candles
    Stearin for the production of candles
    Stearin for the production of candles
    Stearin for the production of candles
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    stearin is a solid bead-shaped product (microgranules, see photo), white, odorless, vegetable origin, does not dissolve in water and ethanol.

    Melting point of technical stearin 53-55 ° C.

    Adding this stearin to the candlestick composition gives the following results:

    1 / Savings - reducing the cost of a paraffin candle . Since technical stearin is cheaper than paraffin, the addition of this product allows you to reduce the cost of a candle, while the quality of the candle will not deteriorate, but vice versa.

    2 / increasing the burning time and improving the burning process : the candle burns without smoke and soot, does not deform, the burning cone is not filled with a straightened mass, the wick burns out evenly

    3 / improve the candlestick color and keep the color when long-term storage . Since the use of wax with a relatively high oil content causes aging, deterioration of candle color during storage.

    4 / provides easy removal of the candle from the shape.

    The resulting candles are straight, smooth and shiny. The use of technical stearin allows you to reduce the prime cost of a candle, which means becoming more competitive in the market and / or getting more profit from production.

    Content of phenolit is not
    Content of бензапиренуit is not
    Content of фурфуролуit is not
    Form of raw material which is suppliedGranules
    Mass fate of butter, no more0.07
    Mass fate of mechanical admixtures0.03
    PackingPolypropylene wattled sack
    Presence of smellit is not
    Setting of paraffinFor candles
    Temperature of melting53 hail.
    Type of raw materialNatural

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