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    An albumen is an egg-white 3502907000

    An albumen is an egg-white
    An albumen is an egg-white
    An albumen is an egg-white
    An albumen is an egg-white
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    Egg white albumin

    Among inexpensive proteins, albumin is the highest quality protein source. Egg white powder is made from fresh eggs, from which the yolks are separated (due to the presence of fat and cholesterol in them).

    When whipped, it has much better qualities, than traditional chicken protein, with high foam stability and highest digestibility.

    During production, albumin, after grinding egg white into powder, loses sugar. It is from here that the high foam stability and ease of whipping appear. In terms of nutrients, 1 kg of albumin is equivalent to 310-330 proteins of chicken eggs.


    CompositionAn albumen is an egg-white
    Weight25000 g

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