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    Nicotine for e-cigarettes

    Dear customers! We deliver nicotine on order within 35 calendar days, the minimum batch is 100 grams. Please note, we sell 100% natural nicotine (there are 3 factories in the world, USA, Germany, China).

    Nicotine for e-cigarettes is a ready-made base for self-making liquids that are added to e-cigarettes or hookahs. Moreover, this nicotine is devoid of extraneous tastes and odors, it is enough just to add a flavoring agent. In particular, it pairs well with fruit, berry, coffee and tobacco flavors, although neat is also widely used.

    E-cigarette nicotine is ideal for most smokers and quitters. Its consistency and quantity are selected to such an extent as not to experience nicotine hunger. Moreover, it helps to deeper reveal the flavor of the additive flavors. background-image: initial; background-position:> The dose of liquid nicotine is easy to select individually: focus on the strength of those cigarettes that you have smoked before and are accustomed to.

    Often the nicotine base of this substance is Shanghai; pharmaceutical degree of purification (according to chemical analysis) - 99.7%; basic substance - 99-99.7%; density - 1.009%. Manufactured in Germany.

    Unlike regular cigarettes, electronic (and in particular nicotine in it) does not contain tar and impurities of low-quality tobacco. Nicotinic acid improves hearing, and it is also more indicated for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system than for those who smoke traditional cigarettes. Together with the inhalation of nicotine in an electronic cigarette, a person absorbs vapors of flavors, which eliminates the toxins of tobacco smoke. The e-cigarette leaves no ash and no stinking smoke, which allows you to smoke indoors without causing discomfort to others.

    While smoking natural nicotine in an electronic cigarette, you do not inhale toxic products of tobacco combustion, ridding your body of tar, carbon monoxide, cyanide, benzene and other harmful substances. The above substances do not enter the body of the smoker and his environment - "passive smokers".

    Nicotine for e-cigarettes reduces the risk of cancer, including lung cancer. Moreover, it restores the sense of smell and taste lost after traditional smoking. And one more plus - natural nicotine does not leave yellow plaque on the teeth and bad breath.

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    Harmful properties of nicotine for electronic cigarettes

    - Overdose risk nicotine. Mostly at risk are heavy smokers with great experience.

    TasteWithout taste and smell
    Volume100 мл

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