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    D - Mannose

    D - Mannose is a natural antibiotic used to treat diseases of the genitourinary tract. Surprisingly, our doctors in government clinics know little about this alternative to antibiotics. This is a completely new progressive approach to the treatment of diseases of the urinary system. D - Mannose is based on simple sugar. Closest to D - Mannose by content D - glucose.


    By its composition D - Mannose is a monosaccharide, an isomer of glucose, as well as fructose and other saccharides. Large amount - Oral mannose, 90% reduction in the number of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system within the first two days. Scientists also found out that D - Mannose, fulfilling its function of treating infectious diseases, does not kill a single beneficial bacteria!

    About 15 clinical trials have been conducted D - Mannose, about which doctors practicing traditional medicine know very little. have proven that using D - Mannose is as effective as antibiotics, with the only difference that D - Mannose does not destroy the body.

    One such scientist is Dr. Jonathan Wright, chief physician at the Tahoma Clinic, Washington, USA. It was in the 80s. last century. Among J. Wright's studies on the aforementioned drug, a case is described with a five-year-old girl, Emmy, who D - Mannose saved from kidney transplantation. Parents went everywhere on her diagnosis, eventually bypassing 72 doctors (as they themselves calculated). Doctors, one after another, prescribed antibiotics to the child, and at some point there were no longer such names for antibiotics, which she would not accept. Due to overload with antibiotics, her kidneys were unable to cope with chronic infections. Kind doctors told the girl's mother that the child's kidneys can no longer cope with chronic infections, and soon she needs a kidney transplant. Fortunately, the girl's mother kept all the records regarding the numerous bacteria present in Emmy's urine. All posts had one common thread - the bacterium E. сoli. After the consultation, Dr. Wright advised Mom to give Emmy half to a teaspoon of powder D - Mannose dissolved in a glass of water every 2 -3 hours excluding sleep time. 48 hours after the start of admission D - The girl's mannose infection has disappeared. But that's not all! The baby got rid of the infection for two whole years. She only had a relapse because her parents forgot to take with them on vacation D D - Mannose has no side effects at all. Moreover, D - Mannose tastes very good and here I remember the best nanny of all time, Mary Poppins, who used a spoonful of sugar instead of medicine. It's hard to believe it, but the fairy tale came true in reality: D - Mannose is, in taste, the same "spoonful of sugar", but also useful!

    And another fairy tale that has already come true. From the outside, it seems fantastic that "not a drug" used in the treatment of the urinary system is not only truly effective and safe, it is also available over the counter, readily available and inexpensive. But it's true!

    Back to articles and research by Dr. Jonathan Wright. Here are some highlights from his articles:

    Useful properties:

    - D - Mannose is a natural alternative to antibiotics.

    - Ingestion helps patients get rid of 90% of urinary tract diseases caused by bacteria E. coli,

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