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    D-glucose is a monohydrate 1702305000

    D-glucose is a monohydrate
    D-glucose is a monohydrate
    D-glucose is a monohydrate
    D-glucose is a monohydrate
    D-glucose is a monohydrate
    D-glucose is a monohydrate
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    / span> О 6 ) is a naturally occurring organic compound that belongs to the class of carbohydrates monosaccharides and crystallizes from aqueous solutions, turning into alpha-glucose monohydrate. Dextrose monohydrate contains a single water molecule (H2O). Dextrose monohydrate contains no other crystalline forms, except for alpha-glucose and anhydrous beta-glucose, and beta-glucose does not form crystalline hydrates. Basically, dextrose monohydrate, dextrose hydrate, and D-glucose are the same organic compound or a hexose sugar.

    Appearance, taste

    Dextrose monohydrate is a sweet white crystalline powder. It has no off-flavors, it dissolves well in water.

    Dextrose monohydrate is obtained by hydrolysis of starch, which is produced from various plant crops. For example, potatoes or corn.


    The glucose content of the finished product is 99.5%.

    Moisture - up to 9%.

    In common people, dextrose monohydrate is called" food glucose. "It is a universal and one of the most important sources of energy for the human body. The energy obtained from this type of glucose, necessary for the full functioning of the metabolism. Human cells typically metabolize and process dextrose. To get other sources of energy, such as fatty acids or fructose, there are special cells.

    The leading companies in the production of dextrose monohydrate are located in Asia (in particular, China), as well as in America and Europe.

    Dextrose monohydrate is an excellent natural sugar substitute. Considering the volatile sugar prices in the CIS countries, in recent years 6-7% of the population began to use sugar substitutes. In the world this percentage has exceeded 20. The most widely used sugar substitutes are in the USA - 50 % of the population.

    - In the poultry and meat processing industry, dextrose monohydrate is used as a preservative and flavor adjuster.

    - The bakery industry also did not pass by dextrose, as this organic compound helps to create a crispy golden crust and measured porosity of bread, as well as improves the taste and helps the baking to stay stale for a long time.

    background-image: initial; background-position:> - In the poultry industry, glucose is used to increase the nutritional value of feed and strengthen the body.

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